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North India 2023

El viaje al Valle Sagrado de Perú, es mucho más que descubrir lugares preciosos y únicos:

Es aprovechar la energía del lugar y permitirnos que se vuelva una experiencia que nos transforme y expanda profundamente.

En este viaje iniciático descubriremos el espíritu de estas tierras antiguas, a través de su cultura y tradiciones ancestrales. Experimentando sus antiguos rituales con maestros locales y personas que tocarán nuestro corazón.


Where will we go?

Discovering the worldview of Hinduism.



Cradle of Sikhism.


For 4 days we will visit this great initiation portal, located at the base of the Himalayas on the banks of the sacred Ganges River known as the capital of Yoga, also here is where almost all the great. world-renowned teachers offer their teachings (Satsangs). Historical site that transformed the career of The Beatles.


Entering into Tibetan Buddhism.

The next 4 days our trip will have a turning point, we will explore something completely different: a silent environment deep in the Himalayas, where the Tibetan community is located. We will breathe the pure mountain air at 1,800 meters of altitude. Epicenter of Tibetan Buddhism and current residence of its leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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On the fifth day, we will visit the Golden Temple, this great religious center, also the spiritual and cultural potential of the Sikhs, creators of the Kundalini practices.




One of the great religions that India embraces is Islam, a religion with deeply felt devotional practices and very distinct traditions.


Respirando el aire de las tradiciones ancestrales.

One of the great religions that India embraces is Islam, a religion with deeply felt devotional practices and very distinct traditions.

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What includes?

- Tourist guide and accompaniment in English and Spanish during the 11 days of the trip.
- Voice and Sound Healing classes.
- All breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
- Accommodation in Rishikesh.
- Accommodation in Amritsar.
- Accommodation in Dharamsala.
- Accommodationn New Delhi.
- Entrance to all temples and museums.
- Classes with local teachers, ceremonies and excursions.
- Transfers to all the activities proposed in the itinerary.
- 2 internal flights within India.
- 1 Night Travel by sleeper train.

Fondo verde


¨Un antes y un después en mi manera de percibir,  senti una gran apertura el viaje me ayudo a conectarme con mi verdad y mi sentir más alla de las palabras, un vibrar con la madre naturaleza, Ha sido abrirme a todo para encontrar un espacio sagrado en mi.¨

Silvia, España

Sumérgete en un proceso integral que te ayudará a desarrollar claridad en la comunicación y transmisión de ideas, sentimiento

About Sebas

Musician, Singer, Architect and Art Director & Creativity, specialist in voice empowerment and personal transformation through the power of the voice. With his focus on self-discovery and emotional connection, he fuses the voice with practices of self-awareness, singing, and mindful communication to spark creativity, manifest our deepest desires, and achieve true personal transformation.

Sebastián trained in Argentina as an architect and art director & creativity, and then his life made a big change when he moved to India in 2012, where he lived for three years and since then continues to study the depth of sound and silence from disciplines in Naad Yoga (sound therapy), Hindustani music (music Indian classical) and Tibetan Buddhism (mindfulness).


He offers classes, sessions and retreats in India, Europe and LatAm, he accompanies people on a journey through their interior, helps them connect with their creative power and release it through their voice.



withdrawal on the move

north indian
February 25 to March 10

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