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The singing of India is a very ancient and profound language, a wisdom of thousands of years that produces different therapeutic effects such as calming, balancing and relieving the mind, generating a balance between the hemispheres of the brain.

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Every action can be bathed in Bhakti. From the depth of the heart everything can be an offering.


I invite you to experience thebhakti yogain this course, through practices  such as the chanting of mantras

We will also dive into henaad yoga, discovering Sound in its maximum subtlety using ancient Hindustani classical music scales that were born hundreds of years ago inside the temples.

It is the conscious exercise of keeping the living flame of love at the root of the heart and performing actions as an offering in the fire of love. Bhakti Yoga translates as the Yoga of Devotion.

 About me: 

My name is Sebas, I am a singing teacher and voice coach. I coordinate practices with the voice and individual and group meditations. I offer therapeutic sessions to open the voice channel.

I have integrated my passion for sound, voice and consciousness techniques creating a path, training in Argentina and India for the last ten years.

I offer workshops, retreats, courses and training in Argentina, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and India.


Would you like to take a TRIP to
heart of INDIA?


I invite you todiscover indiathrough a unique experience:   a moving retreat , what will we do in december 2023

and March 2024.


On this initiation journey, we will immerse ourselves in the sacred lands of India, discovering its spirit through music and culture. We will take a true dimension of the depth of sound, how to use it as a healing tool while contemplating it in the place where these ancient practices originated.


We will travel through sound discovering the depth of the spiritual practices of the main religions of the country (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Sufism).

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