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 Healing our sound:

Hard, it is not Firm.

Strong, it is not Energetic.

Tension, is not tone.

Weak is not Soft.

Loud, it is not Present.

Silence, it is not Absence.

Words is not Communication.

Quiet, it is not calm.

Far, it is not Absent.

Alone, it is not Desolation.

Pure thought is nothing.

Non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg)


"Between what I think,

What I mean,

What I think I say,

What I say,

What you want to hear,

What you hear,

What you think you understand What you want to understand, What you understand,



 + Ourselves as Instruments.

 + The power of breathing,

 + Our voice as a sense,

 + Our voice as a  door to awake. to heal ( or not). 

Tanpura B
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Om asatoma MANTRA

Om Asatoma satgamaya
Tamasoma iyotir gamaya
Mrityorma amritam gamaya

Take us from the false to the truth
From darkness to light
And from poison to nectar

Shanti Mantra

Om Shanti  Om
Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti

Om Shanti Om

Tanpura D
00:00 / 29:55
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