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The voice is the most powerful manifestation of our Being. When we discover the power of our voice, we unfold clearly and confidently. This brings out our beauty and uniqueness.

In this course we focus on Naad yoga and voice healing techniques. You will learn mantras, exercises, sacred songs, and how to develop and awake the power of your voice and your expression.

Indian Music is a very ancient and profound language, a wisdom of thousands of years that produces different therapeutic effects such as calming and balancing the mind.

It allows us to enter subtle spheres, generate spaces full of harmony and dialogue with emotions, places, energies, intentions and deities, connecting us unite the devotion and opening of the heart.

You will learn how to chant deep mantras and prayers that I learned in my years living in India, using your unique voice to dialogue with the great mystery.

Module 1  - October 2021

Immersion in the yoga of the voice and sounds of India 

Immersion in the sounds of India
Awakening the connection with our divine nature. Discovering the Yoga of sound with a technique that will create the foundation to take your voice and your listening to a whole new level. We will navigate the sounds of the chakras and the power of the scales of India.
We will learn to use Vedic mantras, how and in what way to apply them to heal yourself and use them in your sessions.

Module 2 - November 2021

Discovering Indian ornaments, rythm and bhajans.

We will work with Hindu mantras and compositions of different deities that will help us develop and invoke personal strengths. We will incorporate some ornaments of the Hindu song embellishing our song, giving it that Indian spice touch. We will learn about rhythm and percussion. How to sing and lead kirtans and bhajans.


Guest: Nuria Cabo Kathak dancer, Yoga Instructor

Module 3 - December 2021

Introduction to ragas and more Mantras and Kirtan !


In this module we will continue to delve into the origin of our voice, recovering the strength of our word and sound, which are tools of power and personal growth. We are going to discover the emotions generated by the different scales of India, applying them to the archetypes of the deities with which we will work, taking our expression, sensitivity and listening to another level. 

Module 4 - January 2022 

Discovering medicine music, improvisation 

 and creating your own Mantras

We will awaken our consciousness of being a sacred instrument, trusting in intuition and opening ourselves to messages that will guide us, connecting with the song as a ritual, putting sound to the messages that descend like a medicine song. We will discover the drum journey.  Letting the inspiration and connection arrive with the guides and elementals.

When we manage to go to the depths of our Being, a deep voice emerges that reveals the antiquity and wisdom that we carry within. That light that is pure consciousness, cleansed of mental speculations that is revealed in words, melodies and messages that elevate the spirit and become medicine.

about the course

Start Date:

The course begins on Tuesday, September 7 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Spain, 2:00 p.m. Argentina. Check what time the course starts where you live  HERE!

Duration of each meeting:

Two hours. The meetings will be via Zoom.
All details will be provided upon registration. 


Each module includes 4 sessions  Fee € 120

you can pay it via PAYPAL or bank transfer by CLICKING HERE.


The cost of the course is de  €280

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About me:

My name is Sebas, I am a singing teacher and voice coach.  I coordinate practices with the voice and individual meditations and  group. I provide therapeutic  sessions  to heal the voice.

I have integrated my passion for sound, voice and the techniques of consciousness, training in Argentina and in India for the last ten years.

I offer workshops, retreats, courses and training  

  in Argentina, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and India. 

Sound Silence Center
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