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Loving our sound and our expression is the basis for living a happy life. 

Our voice is a synthesis of what we are being; that sound that manifests itself in the world, is a meeting between what we think, what we feel, our history, our desires and dreams. Our body, your instrument. By expressing it freely we also discover ourselves and know more.

Who is it for?

It is an excellent job for people who want to feel comfortable speaking in front of groups, for people who experience difficulties to express themselves clearly, for those who want to hear themselves more, for musicians and creatives who want to expand their artistic expression to new levels, for teachers, coaches, and coaches. and anyone interested in developing communication with themselves and with others.

Who is this course for?



The sacred awakening of your voice


In this meeting we are going to learn about the technical tools that will allow us to function comfortably in our expression, reconnect with the enjoyment of listening to our sound, letting it tell us something more about ourselves, while we discover mantras to raise our consciousness.

We will delve into breathing, anatomy, sound emission technique. We will learn Ki gong exercises  y sound to recover the energy of our phono-corporal system, while discoveringLet's see how that connects us to our desire and creation of the reality we experience.


Introduction to the Yoga of Sound and chanting of mantras

The singing of India is a very ancient and profound language, a wisdom of thousands of years that produces different therapeutic effects such as calming, balancing and relieving the mind, generating a balance between the hemispheres of the brain.

It allows us to enter subtle spheres, generate spaces full of harmony and dialogue with emotions, places, energies, intentions and deities, connecting us with devotion and opening the heart chakra.

In this class we will do a therapeutic approach to the voice focused on Indian music, you will learn about Nad Yoga awakening our consciousness,  while we explore the scales of Indian classical music. You will learn different mantras and very powerful prayers that I was learning in my years living there. Finding ourselves with the voice in dialogue with the cosmos.

Sound Silence Center

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Date: May 11 and 12, 2022

Place:Sadhana Works, Palma de Mallorca



€25 per day

€50 per full course

For more information or cancellation details write to waap/telegram +5491141732875

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