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I invite you to strengthen and anchor the power of your voice, your word and sound:  these precious tools with which we build the reality we inhabit.


We will activate the voice along with our vital energy through conscious breathing and voice taichi, shamanic chanting and mantras. We will incorporate group practices and dynamics, circular singing that will help us learn to listen and express ourselves more deeply, not only alone but collectively.


We will work on the Reconnection with the uterus,  the vital energy and our center of power. This energetic center that is completely related to freedom, creativity and sexuality together with Natalia Galindo Gutierrez- Holistic Therapist  craniosacral biodynamic, visceral and gynecological osteopathy.


 And together with Ana Elisa Yoga teacher we will offer a cacao ceremony, becoming instruments celebrating our Being, dance and song, become ritual and pure life.

Sumérgete en un proceso integral que te ayudará a desarrollar claridad en la comunicación y transmisión de ideas, sentimiento

Who is it for?

It is an excellent job for people who want to feel comfortable speaking in front of groups, for people who experience difficulties to express themselves clearly, for those who want to hear themselves more, for musicians and creatives who want to expand their artistic expression to new levels, for teachers, coaches, and coaches. and anyone interested in developing communication with themselves and with others.

Who is this recall for? 



Arrival and presentation:

Initial meditation, attunement  arrival to body and voice.



Fasting class: 
Awakening of the body and the voice.


Clase  Expressing the power of our root:

Reconnecting with our womb and creative center. 
Convida Natalia Galindo Gutierrez, Holistic Therapist  craniosacral biodynamics, visceral and gynecological osteopathy. 

Voice release practice and circular singing.



Cacao Ceremony: celebrating our Being, dance and song.

Becoming a ritual and honoring our lives with the participation of Ana Elisa Yoga teacher and facilitator of cocoa circles and ancestral medicine.


Seed Ritual: 
Celebrating, sowing and expanding our light in the world. 


Fasting class 

Yoga and sound yoga practice with the participation of Ana Elisa.


Tools to reconnect with our vital energy and uterus in our daily life, invite Natalia Galindo Gutierrez


Circular edge and closing: Farewell circle.

Video motivacional

Sign up for the retreat

Date: March 18, 19 and 20, 2022

Location: Aragonese Pyrenees

Price: €290 until February 1. 

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  €310 from February 2.

Reserve your place by paying €50 

You can pay by bank transfer by makingCLICK HEREor also viaPAYPAL. 

For more information or cancellation details write to waap/telegram +5491141732875

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